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Okay so I like this guy named Zack and I have a "so called" friend named Makayla well I have liked Zack for two years, and I really like him. He is also my best guy friend and we were "talking" for a while but Makayla who thinks he is cute. And well she decides to move in and starts "talking" to him. And now she likes him. And she knows I really like him. She has liked him before but she told me she stopped. I guess she didn't... but I don't really like her that much I mean she has sort of turned into a slut. She apparently liked Tate while she was dating Shawn. And she had another boyfriend this year Evan who she cheated on by making out with a guy that was 2 years older than her. And she also dated another guy. And my school has a strict policy against PDA and she actually pushed Shawn up against a wall while they were dating and started making out with him and they got in trouble and they said I love you on the first day they started dating. I mean I have always been there but she has just irritated me so I am frustrated! And I want to tell Zack how she is, because she doesn't know what she has done to guys and how she is sort of a player. And I feel like he deserves to know. Before he decides on whether he likes her or not because he doesn't know if he does or not. And I don't want to see him get hurt by her because she might cheat on him or something I wouldn't do it to sabotage their chances, even though I like him, I just want him to be happy. Should I tell him?
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Tate is a different guy that she has always had a crush on


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  • This is just a suggestion but instead of talking about your female friend to the guy you like, tell him that you like him. Make a move.

    • Well I want to. But Makayla will think I will be sabotaging their chances of dating if I tell him I like him. And she will be mad at me for it and she is bound to tell me off.

    • Didn't makayla already start doing that first?
      Maybe you should worry less about her and think more about yourself.

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  • Tell him, but not in this way. Let him know he needs to make sure nobody's taking advantage of him, and that he should watch for those "kind of people". I wouldn't necessarily refer to Makayla because I don't think guys like to hear girls gossiping about each other, but just let him know that whatever happens you're here for him

  • Err what about you? Tell him about you and your feelings!! I think you would be the better choice than her

    • Well yes. Because I am a better person than her. But it will probably cause problems between me & her. Even though there already is problems...

  • Tell him. After that font try to get involved. It's a lit of drama and you don't want to end up being the one that's hated


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