How do I break it to this girl I am friends with that I want to date her?

I am looking for help on ways to subtle tell a friend that I want to go on a date with her, I hinted it to her in ways like "oh if we ever went on a date we are so similar things would never work" just to get her thinking about the idea, but how do I make her really think about it and get that going?

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  • Make a joke about it. If she gets really into t then she probably wants to date you back but if she doesn't then probably not. It will get her thinking like was he for real and stuff like that

    • yea thanks, I have brought it up and I am going to tease her more often when I am with her ohh you missed me, and I think us on a date, be kinda interesting

    • Your welcome. Good luck!

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  • Pull her aside and tell her exactly how you feel like your exact thoughts and ask her if she feels the same way and then go from there

    • she is crrently dating a guy, which she is unhappy and we chill everyday, so I dont want to interfere with that but I do tease her saying " oh we are like the exact same person and if we ever dated it, it would never work out" just to get her thinking about that

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    • Sorry for late responses i dont come on here often but you should definitely be there for her as she breaks up with this guy but like if it starts going to something more than just being there for her you need to resist it or thats what i would do but im starting to think of different examples of things that might happen where she may or may not cling right to you and try and "get something going" with you and lets say something like that happens i think you should explain to her that you want to be with her but you think that she should take some time but only talk to her about that if she tries to make like a move or something because often times that happens. When or if she does break up with this guy its gonna seem like a fantastic idea to "get with her" right away but in the long run i dont think its a good idea because like i said before you won't know if she has true feelings for you or if she just needs some random person thats there for her. Keep asking questions if you need em

    • haha Thank you for the support, I main question is how should I be with her right now, right now we are really good friends that she trusts and we are really close, but at the moment she sees me as a friend and I am always by her side because I dont want to interfere while she is dating this other guy, so my main question how should I be acting with her in the meantime, is what I am doing the correct thing?

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  • Ask her out. That's the only way you'll know for sure.

    • she is currently dating a guy, which she told me will probably end soon

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  • Dude, be honest with your intention. Don't play mind games like this!

    • yea I dont want to be a dick about it, how should I tell her, straight up, and their is a problem currently she is dating this guy but told me she doenst really like him and sees it ending soon, but it hasn't ended yet, what should I do

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    • It's not you want to break them up. You've to let her do the decision to FINALIZE it.
      You can say something like, ''hey, you're a great girl. I love to hang out with you. But you have a boyfriend currently. How about u give me a call if you are not happy, and being single again? Then it will be awesome, we'll plan something then, cause i don't want to stick myself in this kind of complicated situation''

      If she still has no integrity now she been asking u to do this and this, take it as a sign from her, as a man u just gently lead her to successful conclusion in the bedroom.

    • so I will tell her that in person next time I see her, in the meantime should I always hangout with her, and by the way I am going to PM you so I can keep you as a friend here

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