How do I not re-crush the same girl?

I don't want to crush on the same girl in high school. I used to like her last year until she started acted like a... but then we started being aquaintences again. And slowing, little by little I start hanging with her again and it's just like we are perfect together. I hate that friends keep saying we are perfect together. I try to ignore it and without thinking. My friend always points out how we match and say the same thing and finish each others sentences. What do I do about her. She doesn't like me and I dont know why.
UPDATE She's giving me more attention like staring when I TA in her class and actually talks to me at random moments now. We shared a really important moment. She came to me with a big issue of hers and I comforted her like a boss and she smiled at me. But she hasn't been making the fact that I'm generally the only guy attracted to her in our grade level easy.


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  • It seems like maybe she wants to be friends. If you can't be friends with her without liking her romantically, too, I would just back off. You said you liked her until you guys stopped hanging out. I think maybe that's the solution. Move on and find someone who is interested in giving you the attention you deserve!


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