If I'm doubting if my boyfriend cares for me should I go with that instinct?

He did bring me flowers the other day when I cooked which was really nice but he does other things that aren't so nice.

He's met my Mom once but he never asks me about my family, he was supposed to stay at my place tonight but told me at the last minute via text that he was driving home to his place from downtown (where I live) and his place is 20 minutes away. I'm on my period not sure if that weighs in. He's a man of little words but I just don't feel I'm a priority.
Oh and my birthday is in less than two weeks and I'm pretty sure he is going to forget it.


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  • What made you think that?

    • Updated above. Thanks

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    • No he's not but he hasn't had a long term relationship since college. 😕

    • I would say talk to him about it. This is a problem only he knows the answer too.

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  • People's actions will tell you all you need to know. I characterise a person by their actions. If a guy loves you or cares about you then you'll know it. If not then you will feel confused and full of doubt.

    Before standing by your gut instinct talk to him about how you feel. If he cares he will do all he can to reassure you that he does care. If he doesn't' reassure you then you'll know where you stand.


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  • Can u explain the situation? If you don't want to then follow your instinct


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