Guys, Should I friend him on Facebook?

I met a guy at a party last weekend and I thought we hit it off pretty well. He was called away suddently so we didn't have the opportunity to exchange numbers. I found him on Facebook but we have no mutual friends... Would it be creepy to add him or would it be okay? Also, if I do add him and he accepts, what do I do next?


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  • Go for it and make like some of his stuff, maybe a comment and see if he acknowledges anything.

    • exclude that ridiculous "Make" that just so happens to have snuck into my sentence lol

    • So i added him last night and he accepted like 30 mins later... Is it too forward to message him? If it isn't, what should I say so that it doesn't sound too presumptuous or creepy?

  • Add him but be cautious. You barely know the guy.


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