Guys, Boyfriend is being super distant?

Boyfriend of three years is being distant and cold and even a little mean when he is drunk. We had a fight one week ago while he was gone on his guys trip but we resolved it. However now he has pulled away. It was a stupid fight and wasn't even very bad. A week ago we were doing great and I have been working hard at communicating and getting over my insecurities. Last time he pulled away he tried to get me to break up with him. We live together and have been going out with family and friends despite the distance. I am giving him space but still loving him without smothering him. He doesn't open up easily. I think he is upset with me about this fight (I was mad because they make a big deal about going on a guys trip to get away from us girls but ran into a large group of guys and girls they knew and hung out with them for a while - super stupid I know I apologized for getting mad over something so dumb). Anyways feels like he is more distant than he has ever been and it's making me really sad on the inside. Do you think he is going to break up with me and what advice do you have either way? Thanks so much


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  • Try to distract yourself from the situation. When he's not around, but you might need to reach out to him a little. A candy bar or a six pack of his favorite beer would do. I don't really know what's going on here


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