What's his deal?

What's his deal?

We matched on Tinder a few weeks ago and hit it off right away. I knew him from around school (we go to a small college) but never really got a chance to talk to him until now. He seemed eager to hang out and since I have a single in my dorm, it was easy to hang out at my place. We would text mostly every day and snapchat a lot. The first two nights we hung out we just cuddled and watched Netflix, and the second night he slept over and fell asleep cuddling with me.

Then we had a few more nights, usually drinking and watching Netflix and sometimes having sex. He isn't big on football but asked if I wanted to watch the game with him and I thought it was really sweet. When we went outside to take a walk he would hold my hand and put his arm around me. He's stayed over two other nights since then. But now our texting has become less frequent, and when I asked him why, he said he just honestly isn't a big texter. We didn't text a lot last week but when I asked him to hang out that weekend he seemed excited and we made plans. So we hung out last Friday for a bit and he was going to stay over again but his best friend was drunk and sick and he left to go help.

This past week we've talked a bit over text but we snapchat a lot less and when I asked to hang out he said he's busy all week because of projects and exams. He did run into me and my friend Tuesday night as we were stargazing and he sat next to me and held my hand a bit. I texted him after saying it was nice and I didn't get a reply.

Since then we've texted but not a lot and I haven't tried texting him first anymore since he told me he wasn't big on texting a few days ago. Whenever he sees me in public he waves and smiles but since we're both in a rush to class we don't get a chance to chat. I spent time at home this weekend and really haven't heard much from him. I snapchat him a few times a day but I rarely get a reply now but he opens them right away. Maybe I'm just coming off as annoying by doing that? I'm trying not to come off as needy and clingy, like I know I have been in past relationships But I really like spending time with him and am worried about how we used to talk a lot more when we first met and now things have cooled down a bit. He's really laid-back and kind of awkward and shy, and I'm more of an anxious type. I'm also pretty damn shy.


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  • Tinder is a hookup website. You two had sex. He may not be interested in pursuing a relationship with you based on what you describe.

    • He said he was on there for friends and I noticed he hasn't been on Tinder since we became closer. So I'm not sure what to think.

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    • Could be, who knows. But he's not getting what he wanted if he's off Tinder AND not hanging out with me haha

    • I said "got", past tense. Many guys do that. They get sex from the woman they wanted it from and stop communicating much if at all with her. I personally don't understand that because if I got some great sex from a woman shortly after meeting her I'd want MORE.

  • Just relax. Look a lot of people will do that, that meaning appearing to loose interest. Just relax and wait for him to text you. If he doesn't you have a talk. Depending on how that goes you may want to break up. I know it hurts when you break up but it hurts more at a later date. Besides you don't deserve to be ignored and treated not like a priority

    • I'm not even sure if we're exclusive or not. We've never had a talk about it yet and I'm scared to bring it up.

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    • There's the spirit. I wish you luck. If you need somebody to talk to about anything. Message me, ill be glad to talk

    • Thank you! I just need some encouragement lol

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