Guys, would you date a girl who has been in foster care?

I was in Foster care once and a person has recently told me that "nobody wants to date someone whos as f**cked up as a foster child" You see, I don't necessarily believe him, though the fact that it did hurt me is axiomatic. So I just thought, hey - what are other peoples opinions? Would they date me? I was ONCE in foster care for a year, im nothing like the stereotypical foster child that movies have portrayed. I am not mentally unstable or drag on and let my past define me. Thankyou for any mature and kind answers. Don't answer if you're just going to troll


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  • If your mental state of being is fine, and you don't hold some type of resentment towards life. . . then I have no problem dating someone who's been in foster care.


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  • What an awful person he/she is to make such an unfounded statement such as "nobody wants to date someone whos as f**cked up as a foster child" That person is obviously very narrow- minded and shallow. A child who has issues due to their childhood does not , in most cases, grow up into an unstable psychotic adult. Most grow up and lead lives which provide emotional stability

    Many people who have grew up in foster care have met the love of their life. So other people's opinion doesn't define them. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you went through or who you were... all that matters is who you become. Who you are in this moment in time.

    If anyone judges me based on my past then I make sure I put them in it.

    Some of the most unstable psychotic people have come from a close-knit loving family. We all have issues from our past... It's how we respond to it which defines us


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  • I don't see why not lol to make a statement like that is very ignorant. But people are idiots.. I have health concerns (tumours) and I've had people say they won't commit to me because my children won't be healthy.. Although different, I connect to your situation because I feel people are uninformed/uneducated on topics such as these, and are very closed minded. Being in foster care shaped you in some way, but it didn't make you a certain type of person.