What was the Most Interesting Message You've Received while Dating Online?

Even as a male, the level of creep online has surprised me thoroughly. On the other hand, some people have the online dating game locked down. So what's the most interesting thing someone said to you via online dating (OkCupid, Tinder, etc.) recently? Will you respond? Are you even interested?

A few days ago, I matched with a girl on Tinder who said that she only swiped right on black guys. I asked, "what's wrong with white people?" And then she said "you guys are sexier." I didn't know whether to be flattered or skeptical of her racial aprehension. I was a little bit of both.


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  • There's been a couple of ones, one that really stood out though was one girl that send me a 3 paragraph first message saying how I was everything she was looking for and going into great detail, really freaked me out lol. That's when I decided to take down my really long profile description... it was very polarizing, I got less messages/replies with it but the messages that I did get showed that the girls were WAY more into me.

    • lol the same thing happened to me, and then the girl stopped texting me a few days later out of nowhere. I have never been more confused. It was like a girl was begging you to enter her bedroom one day and calling you disgusting the next. It's nice to know ladies will work for the man of their dreams though.

    • Yea it's really hit and miss with online dating. I had this one girl that I was talking with for a week (she's the one that messaged me first too) and she seemed really into me. Anyway, she sent me this long message one day saying that she was going to delete her account because she didn't like online dating and that I was the only guy that she spoke with that she actually liked and that she really wanted to meet me and asked if she could possibly have my number so we can continue talking, I said sure and gave her my number and I never heard from her. So weird.

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  • I wouldn't re-call!


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