I want to go back with my ex , but how?

Okay so the guy that I want togoback with was my first boyfriend and we broke up and I Can't stop thinking about him , he just pops up into my mind too much and I have to admit that I really like him and I want him back. So the reason for our break up was that was that we were both too shy around each other and we were going to get back together but well something came up.. And we stopped being friends and now like two months ago we became friends again and well by the time we became friends again we were both different and we kind of started talking then it just didn't work out. Please help I need advice , should I move on or try again?


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  • Before fully pursuing to either get back together or try to move on, you need to really sort out in your own mind which one you'd feel the best with. But more importantly, you need to accept both as a possibility. This helps when one doesn't work out. Mostly if you decide to get back together and it fails. So on the idea that you want to get back together because we both know you do, you need to make sure you try to move forward from where you were. If you were shy and it hurt the relationship, you'll have to learn to move past that. And so will he. Getting back together is no easy thing so you need to truly focus on the positives and do everything to improve the negatives. First, open up a channel of communication with him and try to meet him in person. Make sure you both can spend time together because you need to make sure he knows how you feel. That you want to try again and you're willing to be better. (This doesn't matter who broke up with whom) Then you need to give him some time. Don't rush him or make him feel like there's some sort of deadline. It takes time so put the idea in his head of getting back is a good thing and you're there to be with him when he's ready. I just went through this with my ex and the first three weeks, every time we met she told me very explicitly that she didn't want to get back together and now we're having serous conversations of getting back. It takes time, a lot of perseverance, and more patience than you'll ever want to have. But if he's worth it, you'll have to give it time. Remember, always be positive. And for a tip of positive communication, keep most of this either in person or calling over the phone. Stay away from facebook, chat, texting, anything that's impersonal like that. Maybe you like texting, but not right now. I hope things work out for you. I know what it's like to want someone back. If I could give you any advice, just remember that you've already made your choice, and you can't control their choice so don't beat yourself up if they don't want to come back.


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