Do you believe overthinking ruins your own happiness?

I know I'm a person that overthinks relationships always expecting it to go wrong, And when I come on here to ask advice it's usually wrong because the users only one half of the story so I overreact even more which is no fault on them , And then my guy usually looks at me if I'm mental because he wasn't even thinking or doing the things I thought. How do you learn and to overthink?


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  • When it comes to people who overthink then, it's something they not receiving and they are trying to figure are they being selfish or don't a open bond with their partner to talk about things to come to an understanding. If you were able to talk to your partner then, it would be a lot easier for you not to overthink things. They are the only one who can tell about them and their ways.
    The only problem can be is that people don't like being ask question so a lot of the them get in defense mode which, will just take the communication out the relationship.


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  • I think so. If you overthink there's going to be a problem then you're actually looking for a problem to justify your thoughts, so to speak. Just try not to overthink things and if you are then talk it over with your partner so you can work through it.


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  • over thinki9ng just harms u nothing else...


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