Two great dates then one of his employees died after an accident on the job & haven't heard from him for 2 weeks?

I met a great guy online & we both agreed we really clicked. He texted me daily & was really enthusiastic. On the second date one of his employees had had a bad fall during the day on the job and my date went straight to the hospital after seeing me. He texted me daily after that keeping me informed and during the course of a few days the employee had surgey but then died. My date was obviously devastated and said he would be back on track in the next week or so and would 'love to see me again'. Well it's been 2 weeks now, I completely understand that he's had other priorities and we hardly know eachother. Is there a chance I may still hear from him? Should I text him or just leave it?


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  • Just leave it. He said he will love to see you again, setting a definite date.

    • Thanks, it's actually been 3 weeks since he said he'd love to see me again & 2 weeks since our last text communication... fingers crossed :)

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