How do you know when your standards are to high?

I know that I have high standards for women but I try to keep to them to make sure I don't waste the girls time and I don't waste my time. I am 23 and I have never been in a long term relationship and I have never had sex. I had my first kiss 2 years ago. The girl I kissed set my bar high for women as far as attractiveness goes but this can be made up for with intelligence and or a great personality. My inexperience has made dating a very intimidating experience and has made getting a girlfriend hard. Although women that I find attractive have certaintly shown attraction to me since my first kiss it has been hard for me to pursue anything further either because I got scared or the timing wasn't right, and many other reasons. Do you think my standards are to high?


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  • i dont think you can have standards that are too high... UNLESS you are being a hypocrite. you should b aloud to want ur dream girl.


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