What if online dating killed my confidence and self esteem?

So I've stopped online dating be a use it has hurt rather than helped. While trying it for about two years I've only dated one person who after two months said it wasn't going anywhere. After breaking up I've tried again. With absolutely no responses. I get no responces and I've tried just about everything. I kind of feel like giving up I. Dating all together. I just feel like girls don't find me appealing at all now. I know I'm not ugly and I'm a good person. But I feel like girls just don't see me as someone they'd want to date. What should my next step be?


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  • what happened to regular dating? Join some type of class, be part of a group.. that's where you usually meet people and it's safer than online. at least you see the person upfront..

    • Well now I feel less confident and stuff due to online dating. It kind of made me feel like the same thing will happen in person too.

    • bad relationship experiences and rejection will happen regardless... it's a part of finding the right person... the first person you're with is highly unlikely to be your perfect match... very rarely does it work out for people with their first bf/gf... it's natural.. some people even get married only to later get divorced, cause things just don't work out...

      don't give up, even if you try again and not succeed, you keep going until you find the person better suited for you.

    • She says, "Don't let go
      Never give up, it's such a wonderful life

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  • Just be patient. Online dating is very unreliable in many ways, so yeah, good that you've stop. If you feel very lonely, get a pet :D, it'll help a lot.


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  • Yeah hm you can stop continue or improve. Those are the options


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