Do you think he is still interested? Is there a rule with texting when you've already text him once?

I been dating this guy for a while, I have slept with him but since then we have been on another date to the cinema which went fine as usual, he did say to meet before I got out the car we'll meet up again next week. I spoke to him on Monday and again it was just general chit chat but since then I haven't made the effort to text him, nor has he. Yeah I could just text him and call him or whatever but I feel like I have to make the effort all the time. I guess I just want to know that he actually thinks about me and makes the effort to text first. I do know he likes me to a extent (finds me attractive - as he has told me) but I guess I'm feeling he's undecided to whether he wants something serious or not. He is a bit younger than me and can be quite shy at times but it very laid back about almost everything not even with me lol shall I just stop messaging to see if he makes the effort for once? And then if he hasn't messaged it over a week just assume he's not interested? Advice please :)


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  • I am not great with advice, but if you know he is shy then text him. He may be feeling insecure and unsure if you were interested.

    • He knows I'm definitely interested though, he must do, that's why I'm always texting first. So I'm thinking I should probably leave it? Ahh I'm confused lol

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