What do I do when a girl who possibly liked me now hates my guts because I messed up won't talk to me?

Ok, so here's the story. This girl is popular, im not that much. We started to talk a lot, and loved my attention. Id flirt, she'd flirt back. She even agreed to go out on a date with me. but then things took an instant hit. She got a bit tipsy with her brother last night and got super clingy, and she wouldn't leave me alone cuz i was out with some friends. she started venting about her ex from like 2 months ago and i got jealous, but i said nothing and told her id text her later. she was kinda upset. well, i get drubk later that night, and i was messed up, i couldnt fall asleep, and during the next day at school, she was wearing a beautiful dress, and i complimented her and told her that everyone was saying how nice she looked. but she was wondering what they said. since i was still messed up, i got jealous and took it out on her, i hate myself for this now. the worst part is, she didn't think i was drunk. well, i vent to my friend about how rude she can be, and said some stuff. i told him how i thought i had a shot at her and how her ex warned about her. my friend went and told the girl all of it. then i text her the next day and apologize for my behavior, and then she comes out and says that we were never a thing and we never will be. I guess that she realized that it was embarrasing for her to be talking to a guy like me, since im not as popular as she is. that really hurt. So i start apologzing a lot. I even went to people and told them the situation, asking for advice. Turns out, her friends find out and she thought i was spreading rumors about her and i. she threatned me and called me psychotic. i was feeling like crap for what I've done. i messed up big time, and i take full responsibilty. Im trying to move on learn from my mistakes, but she has been constantly glaring at me in class and in the hallways, and all my friends see it. She said she didn't have feeling for me, but that was after i messed up, and the way she's holding a grudge is kinda a key indicator th
that she liked me. i feel like crap now. I've tried talking to her, but it hasn't done any good. what do i do? Im at crossraods. i want to move on, but her glaring is making it hard. other guys have messed up with her, and she's still friends with them cuz she didn't have feelings for them. i like her, i want to fix things, but i want to know why she won't talk. I thought girls like to figure things out and talk. id rather have her yell at me than ignore me tbh.
i preferrably want girls to answer, but guys are welcome


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  • I would just leave her alone. But you probably can't so pull her aside and explain what is going on and apologize in PERSON. None of this texting her BS it never ends well and its not personal. Tell her your side and say you just want to be friends and you want to fix this. Tell her you also don't want any tension of ill feeling between you and her. If this doesn't work just give her space maybe she needs time to heal. You gave your two cents and it's up to her to choose what to do with it. She can act like a kid or she be an adult and forgive you. In my experience in situations like these no matter what you do you will never be able to fix it so just be prepared for the worst possible outcome because that is what will likely happen.


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