What do I do about my crush?

I've really loved him for the last five years. We've had so much together he'd always blush smile and stare everytime I was near. We recently went to different schools and my parents absolutely hate him because I liked him and he possibly liked me back. I don't want to lose him in this life I really care deeply, but I'm under lock and key. If this progresses for another four years or more should I try to get him in my life back?


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  • You don't KNOW if he liked you back?

    • Well, I try to deny it because I just don't believe it. He'd always drop hints indirectly to me, we were once great friends but then he got shy around me. In this time period he'd somehow always be behind me. He'd stare blush and smile. His friends would always tease him when I was around. I remember when I was in front of him and his friends told him to say hi and all he did was smile and blush, hen they came to me and told me to say hi when I did he turned his face smiled and blushed again chuckling and his friends were ooing. When I turned around he was literally punching them. Anyways I would give you more information, but it's turn into an essay. I don't what do you think?

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    • OK, well, just continue to stay in touch with this boy and let life happen to you.

      Please don't take this wrong but, over the coming years, almost certainly, he will meet another girl and become involved with her. However, the good news is, almost certainly, you will meet another boy who you will become enamored with and you won't even really think about this boy that you like now. This is part of the miracle and excitement of being young and just learning about love and relationships. As much as your question here indicates stress and confusion, you will look back bittersweetly at this time in your life and smile. Enjoy it.

    • I'll try.

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  • If you care about him deeply, then try to pursue him. It doesn't matter if your parents don't approve of him. You are an adult, you can make your own choices.


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