Guys, What should I do.. My boyfriend keeps ignoring my messages... Even though he is in the hospital? Why is he doing this?

My boyfriend n i are dating 10 months. He keeps ignoring my messages but makes time for social media and other people...


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  • Sounds like he is avoiding you. Maybe he thinks this will make you mad enough to break up with him. That way he wouldn't be the "bad guy". It sounds dumb but a lot of people do it.

    • well he said he needed space... yeah that's what other people told me... by why when ur in the hospital..:(

  • Well, it is quite a strange behaviour. I think you should ask him directly, to know what is going on.

    • I have been but he keeps ignorning my messages... told me he needs space but keeps liking girls pics on social media and what note... :(

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    • well either way. IF he does not like me say it. I once tried threatening him where i said I will leave and he said do it. :(

    • I still think that he is not interested in you

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