What's wrong with me?

Okay so I'm 23 in 2 weeks, and never had a boyfriend, I'm not a Virgin.

It starts with me liking a guy, we text and flirt, as soon as they get close/serious enough to ask me out I panic and start doubting if I actually do like them or not. I normally then decide I don't like them enough, or my family wouldn't like them, or my friends wouldn't like them and say no.

This is happening again, I have been talking to this guy I like, we have been kissing and meeting up a lot. But again now it is getting serious I'm doubting weather I actually like him. I start picking out his flaws, and consider whether I could do better.

My mum is starting to ask if I will ever get boyfriend and my grandma thinks I'm a lesbian. I have considered if I'm asexual. Does anyone else get this? What should I do?


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  • Maybe you don't feel ready to be in a relationship yet. Maybe you're afraid of being hurt or you just don't feel like investing in a relationship. You will eventually get over it, but even if you don't there is nothing to be alarmed about.


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  • Don't overthink it and lower your expectations. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. You're not perfect, you're not the exception.

    • I certainly know I'm not perfect and I think low self esteem may be part of the problem. I just worry this is going to happen everytime I get close to someone and never actually get into a relationship. Is it because I have been single all my life and don't know how to be in a relationship?

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