Don't you think he likes me? Maybe not?

In class when we had assigned seats, he would always look at my eyes, deeply and lips, then i would always catch him looking at me, during a class trip, i saw him stare at me, and so did my friend. He made up a nickname for me and he said that he could buy me a sweater that said the nickname on it, (i thought he was kidding but he actually went on a website that you can create your own clothing) He even offered to get the bra as well, but I said it's okay (lmao) And after I had an object in my hand that was based on my nickname and when I wasn't looking he took it and put a bow on it and wrote ''I thought this would be romantic'' And I BLUSHED OMFG. by the way, He is one year ahead of me, so rn he had left to highschool, which was disappointing.. Like honestly. But, I even asked him if he could ask our teacher if he could stay another year, and he did, I was joking, but he seriously asked the teacher if he could stay behind. I follow him on all social media, and since he left, I keep wanting to see him and talk to him, but if he has all my social media why wouldn't he message me first? All these years, he never asked me for my number or anything, no texts, no calls, Seems to think that he doesn't like me.
UPDATE- I talk with him on messages! (yee) but from the looks of it, he does not like me lmao.


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  • maybe not anymore
    but i really seems like he was in love with you


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  • Uh I think he did like you but the time apart may have maybe lessened that? I don't know just keep talking to him and see where things go☺️

  • Guys are complicated to understand becuase they're stupid... Well I think he is busy or has just lost interest in you? Maybe, I don't really know.

  • Yes. He do


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