GUYS when a guy acts like this?

there is a guy with whom i take transit to school with at times and he is quiet and doesn't say too much, and mostly conversations depend on me asking questions to keep it going otherwise it becomes silent and i personally feel awkward. he also avoids me at times then other times comes to me on his own and smiles so its all confusing. well in September i saw him again after the break and he was with a friend (both were standing a bit far from me) - he turned around smiled and said hi so i went to them and suprrisingly he was so taklative, he even introuduced his friend. the next time i saw them they didn't turn around but when they got infront of me and as the friend was leaving he said outloud that im stadning behind the main guy and then both turned around and smiled and said hi. another then a couple times after that they didn't say hi, even when the guy was by himself he would quickly leave. a couple days ago i was on the bus and as i was coming off the guys friend met me at the door and smiled and started talking to me, and he told me the quiet guy was here as well and when i turned around i saw him and he was smiling. it was strange at that moment because the two guys were with a group of friends, and they all kind of walked off and left me and the quiet guy. so even though we stood close to his friends on the train he was just mostly talking to me while his friends sat on the seats. i told him he can go to his friends if he wants and he said its okay (was he just being poliete?) anyways yesterday he was walking up with a friend i believe, i tunred my face as i could hear people talking as they were walking ahead of me and he looked and smiled and said hi. well after they stood a few steps ahead the friend left, so he turned around and came to me. we had a small conversation but then it became quiet until his ride came cause i wasn't feeling too well and couldnt say anything and he didn't ask anything either
we both are 20


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  • I think that he is just very shy and doesn't know what to say, just be patient and try to meet and reassure him while talking.


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