Is he interested in a second date?

I've know this guy for a while. About a year ago I went on a date with him that was just ok. Afterwards, he didn't kiss me we just hugged and said goodnight. Recently we started talking again and he asked me to go on a date this Friday past. I went and we both had a lot of fun, he said so himself. When we were saying goodbye I asked him if he wanted my phone number instead of my snapchat, which is mostly how we've been talking, he said he'd prefer just to use snapchat because he has problems with typing words and reading a lot, he's told me he has reading problems. So again as were saying goodbye he says I'll see you when I see you and I joked that it's not going to be a year again right? And he said maybe, which I just assumed he was joking too. Before I left he still hugged me and kissed me on the lips and then we both left. The next night I asked if he would like to hangout he said he would but he was in another town that night and couldn't. I go to college an hour away from my home town were this guy lives, so most of the time in away at college and this weekend I happened to come home and go on a date with him. Tonight I'll be going back to my college town. I don't know what's going to happen next, I don't know if he's going to ask me on another date again. I'm hoping he will, he told me he had a good time and that if he hadn't had to be out of town Saturday night he would have hung out with me, plus he kissed me which in assuming that's something you do when you're really interested in a person. What should I do? should I wait and see if over he week he asks me at some point if I want to hangout again or should I?


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  • I would wait. If he didn't like you, he probably wouldn't have gone on a date with you a year later, although some guys still would and that makes no sense to me. So you probably have nothing to worry about. Odds are he actually already had plans and therefore couldn't that weekend but will find something that will work out. Sometimes it is hard to balance my own life, let alone trying to align it with someone else's.


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