How to tell if a guy is into you?

I have a hard time determining if a guy is just being nice and friendly or if he is flirting and showing and intrest in me. this whole dating thing is new and confusing for me. any advice would be helpful!


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  • Unfortunately with the description you gave know one can help you.
    How is he flirting, what is his body language like?
    Watch how he acts around other girls, Is it the same or is he doing something different. If you notice he being nicer, and treaty you a little more special those are some signs.
    For me i act different around someone i like, i will gaze into a girls eyes, smile more, be around them more. Im all around nicer to someone i like.
    Dont just wait on him to show he likes you, show him that you like him, be a little flirty, show him that your interested. Even still both sexes have trouble seeing subtle signs and cues that one likes them. So you could always just take charge a little. Single him out and just ask to hang out with JUST him.

    I have two tickets to ____ do you want to go?
    There is a really good pizza place im going to tonight, want to go?

    Its not a date, but more just an opportunity to get to know one another better, and determine if there might be something. If it goes well than tell him you like him. If he does not feel the same way move on.


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  • hmmm! If he like you he will make sure he is around you?


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