Should I play a little hard to get?

I just went on a date with a guy and it went good, he was the one who asked for the date. He said he had fun and when we said goodnight he hugged me and kissed me on the lips. The next night I asked if he would like to hangout again, he said he would like to but he had to be out of town that night. I really do like this guy, and I think he should know that since I asked him to hangout. Should I maybe not intiate the conversation with him much over the next few days, and wait and see if he's the one to initiate it? If we are still talking a lot should I ask him if he would like to hangout again if he doesn't do so first? Before when we were just talking and I felt like I was the one doing more of the talking I would stop for a little bit ( a day or so) and he would always start initiating the conversation when he hadn't herd from me. I don't want to seem desperate by asking to hangout. I've had bad experiences before with other guys were someone says we should hangout but that day never happens or I'll be talking to a guy who seems interested and every time I would ask about plans I felt like I was ignored. I would like to go on a date again with him and he seemed interested but my past experiences have me doubting.


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  • It's best to play a little hard to get or guys (or girls for that matter) really will assume you're desperate. It's something everyone does with strangers, though they don't like to admit it.

    It's kind of a rule of the thumb not to ask twice in a row. So yes, wait for him to ask.

    • By the way, even you @Asker and I do it, though maybe you haven't noticed it.

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  • A rule of thumb of mine is never send more than 3 unreplied messages. 3 is the absolute maximum.

    I mention this because I think the basis of the rule should be applied here. You've put the effort in... But only continue to give it when it's been returned. Definitely wait until he asks. Guys DO like to do the chasing, and it is important that you show that you're interested. You've done that, and now let him come to you..

    In terms of initiating conversation it should definitely be mixed. It's not fair for all the responsibility of starting texts to lie on one person. But do it less often than him.


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  • hmmm... I hate playing games! Just wait it out! Go through your life and just have fun by yourself. If he doesn't call back he must not be interested! Simple!


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