He said he likes me but suddenly stopped texting, what do I do?

I have known this guy since the school year started, I didn't really find him attractive, until he started talking to me about a month ago. He's 14 and I am 13, we both go to the same school, and have a few class together. He asked for my phone number, and was the one who started the contact with each other. He has dated 3 girls, and he takes them seriously, but he hasn't liked any of the girls he's dated, all 3 are sluts, and 2 asked him out, and he just felt bad for them and said yes. But this guy is actually kind of a player, he calls everyone babe, and has send a few very personal pictures to a couple of girls. When we started talking, a lot of his friends "approved" our relationship and said we'd be cute together. His friends love me and say I'm the best option for him, and he said he likes me, and i talked to him and said i thought he was a player, and that I don't really believe him, but he said he means everything he tells ME. He started texting a lot, and asked what would happen if he kissed me, and I said I didn't want any kisses if we weren't dating, he said he'd ask me out, but he wasn't at school the next day. believed him but he later stopped texting, and started FaceTiming another girl, and sent her a picture of him shirtless, but he kind of does that a lot and doesn't really make anyone special, but I feel like he's kind of interested in her because he went to her volleyball game a week ago, be that girl is dating his best friend, and I really like him but I want to get over him, I don't know if I should trust him or forget about him


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  • If he has to say that he means everything he tells you, he probably doesn't mean anything he tells you. It's hard to turn away from someone you have an interest in, but in this case you would be doing the right thing by staying away from him because even if you get into a relationship with him, he's probably going to continue facetiming other girls shirtless pics and then you will be absolutely heartbroken... wait for someone who you have a strong connection with, not just someone who's friends say you're the best option for him... ask yourself instead who's the best option for you?


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