Is she clinically depressed?

my mom has always been lazy besides taking care of us , like laundry, food, householding, very clean, but she was never an active mother, she always made excuses of not being able to work, and simply doesn't enjoy life, she doesn't go to parties like family parties, never liked too much socializing, very non active, she can sit all day on the couch and just watch tv and not even pay mind to it, she barely learned reading the language of the country i was born in, and she never wants to write, she does it sometimes, growing up she was very violent and abusive towards us, she wasn't mentally ok and later on the years she developed shizoprenia and she is on medicine for it now, she is very numb emotionally, emotionally cold, she is just plain non active in life, its frustrates us and sometimes i hate her for it, really hate her because she kind of ruined or childhood, she deprived us from human interaction, my brother is basically a failure, my older sister has menta issues and is very depression she is unable to take care of herself etc Is she clincally depressed?


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  • She doesn't sound happy


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