Is it bad if I dont know the 'dating game'?

i really have no game, when it comes to just 'scoring chicks'. not that thats my goal, but yeah i just have no game, period.
but im wondering, is it really that bad? in my opinion, if i meet one girl that i connect with, and if she also thinks like me (doesnt care about dating games), i dont even need to know the dating game at all:D
is there some truth to this? what do you think?


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  • You'd think I'd know since I'm 37. But, nope. I prefer a guy to not have a game. If I hit it off with them, it's nice to know it may go somewhere. The game makes it seem like once they've got me, then it's over. On to the next challenge.

  • it's okay I don't have any or even know about any dating game either so, it doesn't really sound like much fun.


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