Men always speak of the hybrid woman?

She must be beautiful and smart! But as son as we actually have an opinion majority lose interest?


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  • Then you've been spending too much time looking at the wrong guys. I normally list things in pairs because I like even numbers and the number 7 but at least to me, there is nothing more too it than that. But if a guy doesn't like it when you have an opinion, that is a different story all together. He obviously doesn't like you in the way that you deserve and plainly, he isn't worth your time.

    • So this brings up another topic I've had some trouble with. Why when I ask a questions like this it's my fault in the end? "YOU'VE been spending too much time looking at the wrong guys." So for years now I've been on the dating scene making attempts to meet different men in different places, and have... Successfully. Some do appreciate my mind, but most don't.

      When it comes down to it, this argument can easily can around in a circle over and over again. But ultimately it comes down to why it's my fault. So where exactly should I be looking for this man?

    • I'm sorry I came off that way, I wasn't trying to attack you. There is a lot to be said about the typical/steriotypical guy and I came off the wrong way.

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  • The phrase "hybrid woman" feels incredibly insulting. Like wow. Are we cars? And then there's the idea that women are intrinsically stupid or ugly. Nope.

    Just be YOU. If a guy doesn't see and appreciate you for the way you are he wasn't good enough in the first place.


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