Guys, if your girlfriend told you that she was a sugar baby before you two were dating would you be fine with it?

I am actually thinking of becoming a sugar baby in the future, to pay off debt and to help get me a house its a good idea. At lease its not in retail and also I can refuse to have sex in the relationship. But one of my concern when I finish being a sugar baby, will my boyfriends after that be fine with it? so I wanna know from men would you be fine if your girlfriend was a sugar baby before you two met and she never had sex with her sugar daddy?
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  • Well Ya you are pretty much a prostitute and you don't see a problem with that. That's not right, you don't even think it's wrong. Don't do that there are better ways, don't you value yourself enough to not want that

    • A prostitute sells sex if I refuse sex I'm not selling aren't I?

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    • I know but I am planning to do more research to better protect myself. But if we were dating I come clean about being a sugar baby in the past in order to pay for a house and my student debt that's what I want to do with the money then would you still date me or move on from me?

    • To date me you would have to admit it was wrong then the pasts the past and all Is forgiven. It's just such a poor choice and you can do better. Are you happy when you look in the mirror? Would you be proud to tell your children how their house was paid for? Please reconsider. I think there is more to this. Message me if you want to have a more private conversation

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  • I don't think the sugar baby relationship is as asexual as you believe it to be. Sex is pretty much what it's all about.

    • But I can choose what I want to do in the relationship if I don't want to fuck him I have that right to say no.

  • Of course its a problem, I'm not gonna date a whore. And becoming a sugar baby is not "a good idea" working like a normal person is a good idea.

  • Personally, I believe the past is past, but there are a lot of guys out there that I think would have an issue with it

    • I know most people are very judgmental but if its the damn past why don't they move the fuck along?

    • I agree with you, but like I said, there are guys out there that won't/can't

  • I'm not sure. I'd date a former sex worker, but this is different.

    • Exactly and if I never had sex with the guy (unless I was comfortable) then it wouldn't be a issue?

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    • Yes there is I heard it online from other sugar babies.

    • I don't see what they guys get out of it, but good luck then.

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