Does he like me or just a hook up?

I've been talking to this guy online that I know through a friend, not well ( we met for the first time Friday night and he took me to watch some fireworks and his friend and another girl I know came along. We then went for a drink and he had his arm on the back of my chair, while his friend and the girl were talking and at times seeming quite "relationshippy". We were all talking and laughing and at times me and him shared a private joke ( he called me cute a few times). i ended up saying he could come back to mine, he does and we are cuddling and watching a film, talking about star signs and how deep he is really and not a lot of people know, asking what I wanted to do with life and general questions to each other. He says I'm not what he expected as girls round here aren't like me... That I'm more mature (I am three years older than him). We both end up quite tired so i agree he can stop in my bed but no funny business. We end up sitting there listening to music and talking and then eventually kissing and cuddling (he wants to spoon and go to sleep) we are being quite touchy feely and kissing but nothing over the top. I wake up the next morning and don't want to wake him so go for a shower and to the living room. He wakes up a couple of hours later and comes up to me, we watch tv together for a bit and he says he's still tired so we end up getting back in bed ( no funny business) and so we cuddle and sleep for another half an hour. He leaves not long after. He's then text me that night asking if I was free. I said no as I was going out. He then texts me again today asking if I was free, I said no but I am in the week. We've now made plans to see each other for "a drink out and chill" as he's not got a lot of money atm. He double texts me and asks if I'm free after what I'm doing but I say I'm not until after 10, to which he says I must be nearly for bed so what time tomorrow... I'm so confused, does he like me or is this just a hook up?


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  • I think he genuinely enjoys spending time with you and wants to do it more, obviously the attraction is there!


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  • It seems like he likes you and might want some of it but overall I think you should give it a try


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