Do you stay fb friends with people you have dated in the past?

Just curious about this - as a girl, I would like to delete the people I have dated from my fb as I don't really want reminders of their existence/how great their lives are (if they ended things and I would have liked them to continue) or wouldn't want them clogging up my newsfeed (if I'd realised we just weren't compatible and so ended things). Guys never seem to delete me but by deleting them I feel that I may look childish? This isn't a massive issue, I just find it interesting - all my female friends delete guys things haven't worked out with, whereas guys don't seem so bothered. Do you think this is true?


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  • yup i am friends, my ex broke up with me weeks ago and the only interaction we've had is arguing through facebook. I don't think it's true though^, I am bothered by it, as long as I care about them still in a way and all they wanna do is think about our relationship as though it was nothing


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