(Long story below) Have you ever connected with someone but that person never conneceted with you?

So I met this guy during gym class. Attractive and had this mysterious vibe to him. He usually keeps to himslef and I would try to get him to talk.. All I got were mumbles, "eh", nods, or a little smile lol. I would try to partner up with him too but sometimes others beat me to it. So I developed feelings to him but I just brushed it off as a small crush.
I graduated and he became a junior (in my defense, he looked older than what he was and I thought he was a junior going on senior year) and a week later he texts me. We went on texting and My feelings went deeper. I connected with him during gym class. I just felt like I was at home and secured when I was with him. I never felt like that with anyone. So I finally met with him and it was our "first date" (its in quotation bc I saw it more as an hangout but he wanted it to be a date).
The original plan was going hiking but my parent insisted on the mall bc it is safer. My guy and i wanted to go hiking bc it was more intimate while the mall you couldn't get any "us time".. No privacy. Plus he hates the mall.
The date was very awkward and uncomfortable. All I did was stare at him with admiration. I had so many things I wanted to say but all I got out were mumbles and small talk. He did the same thing. When it was time to go, I asked for a hug and he said, "i'll give you a hug if you want one" and we did the side way hug. And that was the night. He left his short and I texted him and he said he'll get it next time. Thats when I knew he didn't like me anymore.

Days went by and our texts wasn't the same and I asked him and he said he didn't like me anymore. Which completely broke me. I cried for 3 months. He moved on and I am here trying to put myself together. He texted my sis and said that it wasn't a big deal and that I wasn't the one he was looking for. Everyone tells me he necer cared or liked me. Im still fighting about that

Unrequited Love is a tragedy. Meeting the right guy at wrong time is life's biggest joke
The reason the he didn't like me was he said that he felt no connection. Everyone said he never cared or liked me bc he couldve tried and give it another try. I've been battling if he did or not. When we finaly met again at the mall, i felt a relieve to be around him. I felt like I was finally at home. i was happy with him and all of my dreams& goals were seen possible and my future was brighter with him in it. Its been three months since we last spoke. I want to tell him how I feel. Should I?
Correction: he left his shirt (not short) he bought in the bag that I took home. I can't throw it away... I still have it.

Is it weird that Im still hoping we'll meet again?


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  • Awwh no that really is not nice :( I've never experienced that before, never really dated. But seriously stuff him there's plenty more guys out there who'd go for you! :)


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