And Now About The Man Who DOES Bring His A Game?

Having posted the other question about the guy who did NOT bring it, well here's my two cents on the men WHO GET IT RIGHT. And God bless them, because they are a rare breed, and they have all 100% of my respect.

I dealt with a man, in his 40's, initially work related, but because we're in a pretty cut-throat industry, just talking on the phone, he was so protective of me that it was striking.

He was kind and generous with so much useful advice on the things I needed to avoid and he warned me about all the bad that I might experience up ahead. He came off as an honest person who wanted to protect me from having bad experiences which was incredibly sweet. In all this, mind you, that he's considered to be completely bad-ass with other men, he was an absolute prince when dealing with a woman. Trust goes a long way and he never failed to act out of kindness towards me - it was NOT about money, fancy dinners or any of that. However, when he did ask to see me, he also told me that he wanted me to meet his mother, so cute.

Overall, at this point, I call him His Majesty, because that's how classy and chivalrious he's always been with me. I never doubt for 5 seconds that he's real.

Sadly, he has addiction issues and for this reason, things between us could not progress, but I love him as a person and still hope that he lets me in enough to someday (soon) help him heal. And while I might be taking some hits in the dating world, I am so happy to have met him, because even in our limited experiences together, I know what a real man is and he set that standard effortlessly.

Thanks. He actually called me back finally last night and he opened up about a few things. Anyway, it looks like I'm going to see him this weekend.


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  • That sucks! THIS SUCKS! I was rooting for you! Damn that guy got game! lol i hope I MEET someone that cool!


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