Should I bring up whether we are exclusive yet?

This guy and I have been good friends for about a year now. we talked and hung out some last year but when he started dating someone else we stopped talking. Anyways, last spring they broke up (thye only dated like 3 months) and then we started talking again. We talked all summer almost every day (we are in college btw) and when we got back to school we contiued to talk almost every day and hang out. We have also hooked up a few times and have sex 3 times. I kind of feel like we are almost together. How do i bring this up to him? Is it too soon? I don't want to seem too clingy or scare him off but i really like him and now know I am ready to commit.


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  • You definitely should talk to him about it as soon as possible. It's not too soon, you've been talking for months AND already had sex. So, if you want to make this a real relationship, you need to have that talk with him. If that makes you seem "clingy" or scares him off then clearly he never wanted a relationship with you in the first place. If he views you as more than a "hook up" partner then I'm sure he'll want to talk about being exclusive and making this an official relationship.


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