Texting frequency decrease after five weeks seeing a guy- is it fading?

I have been seeing this guy for about five weeks now. First four weeks he would text everyday and make plans. Fifth week rolls around his texting is super spotty. So I initiate a few. He hints at seeing me "soon" but doesn't set a day time or place until I ask specifically. Went out last night and it was all regular - he slept over which isn't new considering we have been all month. Haven't heard from him today after he left which is also abnormal. Is he slowly letting this fizzle? Im confused because why see me if you're trying to let this fade. Any advice? Is texting infrequency at this page not something to get upset about?


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  • It may just be the new-ness wearing off and initial excitement wearing down to more normal or casual levels. I think right now you are over thinking and jumping to negative conclusions. Personally, texting is nice, to a point. Then too much becomes annoying. I would rather talk to someone I am dating in person more than texting. I am sure he has family, friends and his own personal stuff in his life to also occupy his time, and not just you. Don't worry, just chill for now.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's the fade away.

    • Ok, haha thanks for the direct advice. So there's nothing I can really do just let the whole thing go away? Seems sort of mean after over a month and having had slept together to just disappear.

    • I'm not saying he is going to just disappear it sounds like he responds to your texts but isn't putting in an effort anymore.

      This happens for a thousand reasons within usually the first 1-3 months of dating and sometimes even later. And a lot of times and t has nothing to do with you, some people are only out for casual dating and every relationship they have has an expiration date. They like companionship but can't take a real relationship. Or maybe you guys just aren't right for each other.

      The one thing I do know though is that you can't force a relationship so if he has stopped trying the worst thing you can do for yourself is try more. Effort should be somewhat balanced. A lot of men aren't good at pulling the rip cord on a relationship, especially new ones, so they'll let you drag them along for longer than hey should are just become a dick so you get to be the one to cut ties. 😕

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