What is up with women these days?

Seriously, no offense intended. But it seems like anytime i try to talk to women nowadays, its like i get short, borderline rude interactions.(im 27 btw) and Its not always the case, tho.

I've been told by many im a good looking guy so that shouldn't have anything to do with this. I've noticed several times (at the bar mostly) ill be standing in like to get a drink and ill say something just to simply conversate with women like "Wow its super busy right now" when it wasn't at all, or the other day i saw a guy wearing a ridiculous oufit and said " What is that dude thinking?" obviously i was making a little joke because the smile on my face. And multiple times I've gotten bad responses over similar things I've said.

I wasn't hitting on them, just making simple convo. And i keep wondering why this happens so much, it amazes that someone could be like that to someone else and it is a woman 99% of the time. Rude, prudish, kinda like they think theyre above people. This has happened so many times that i dont even like to say anything to women anymore.

Any thoughts anyone? thanks for reading!
What is up with women these days?
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