What is up with women these days?

Seriously, no offense intended. But it seems like anytime i try to talk to women nowadays, its like i get short, borderline rude interactions.(im 27 btw) and Its not always the case, tho.

I've been told by many im a good looking guy so that shouldn't have anything to do with this. I've noticed several times (at the bar mostly) ill be standing in like to get a drink and ill say something just to simply conversate with women like "Wow its super busy right now" when it wasn't at all, or the other day i saw a guy wearing a ridiculous oufit and said " What is that dude thinking?" obviously i was making a little joke because the smile on my face. And multiple times I've gotten bad responses over similar things I've said.

I wasn't hitting on them, just making simple convo. And i keep wondering why this happens so much, it amazes that someone could be like that to someone else and it is a woman 99% of the time. Rude, prudish, kinda like they think theyre above people. This has happened so many times that i dont even like to say anything to women anymore.

Any thoughts anyone? thanks for reading!


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  • Some women just reach to the point where they are tired if men coming up to them.
    Or, they are already taken aND feel the need to act like that because they are secure in their relationship.
    And some women are generally snobs. It can be a mixture. We're some moody creatures

    • Ur def right on that. Those are the main reasons im not to fond of approaching random women anymore. Most of the girls I've dated in the past were met through friends. But the women that have done this to me i haven't even approached really. They just happen to be close to me at the moment, wether they know it or not (probably what they think im doing) im not hitting on them, Im usually just going about my business and trying to make simple conversation because im a friendly person. I thought girls like when men are friendly? Maybe these girls have bad social skills.

    • Yea some of us have horrible social skills, like me, but I'm getting better. I just have a habit of running out of things to talk about& I'm extremely shy smh. But you shouldn't stop being who you are, because you may come across a lady that actually wants to talk to you but don't have the words to say. Like I said, women are naturally bipolar and if you catch em on a great day you just might get what you want!

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  • Not sure... :( I think small-talk is just... the polite thing to do. Maybe you go to bars that attract grumpy women. Lol.

    • It seems like it! I live in ft. Wayne IN and i swear it seems like girls here won't accept anything but perfection, its getting ridiculous. Especially very attractive women.

  • Honestly I'm not sure. Some women get offended by random interaction for God knows why. But mostly, I think maybe you're just interacting with the wrong women :p
    I know that's how it was with me. I was constantly cat called by boys and I finally just found love elsewhere.
    Because I mean, you seem like a nice guy. But that doesn't mean some women care. if you expect that fake bitch you find sexy to just give you the time of day, nah, that fake bitch into fake men. Try and look for some real women maybe, they're the ones who fall under your "not everyone" statement. Just like not every guy looked at me sexually immediately. I just had to look hard to find them x3
    Bottom line, people are tremendous assholes, but if you look hard enough, you might find ONE who isn't. 👍😂

    • I get what your saying, but the term "nice guy" i dont really like. To me that means kind of a pushover or wuss that does anything to please a women. That is definitely not me lol. BUT even if it was how could any of these women know that?

    • I hate the term nice guy too. Because "nice guys" get mad when the hottest girl in town won't have sex with them. Real nice x3
      Well, they don't, but I think you might be making the mistake of a "nice guy." I think you're making conversation with the obvious bitches, not the real girls. If that makes sense. :p

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  • a lot of women need to seriously get the F over themselves.

    They have went so far up their own asses, they can't see the light anymore :|


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