Should I ask her?

I'm obviously the guy, we're both 16, juniors in high school. We have civics together and study hall once a week. The first few weeks we didn't talk at all, just exchanged a few looks. But six weeks ago we talked on Facebook on Saturday and it went well. Then we started talking in person. Just to set the tone now, I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice. When I first saw her I knew she will be the toughest challenge yet for me to win her over. Anyways, one day I spoke to her about the prom even though its in the spring. She said she wants to go but she doesn't know who she'll go with and she wants to go with someone. My mom thinks she was hinting me to ask her to the prom but I am not good with picking up hints, it needs to be perfectly clear for me to understand. I've been working out harder than ever at the gym to get muscular, cause I know she'll appreciate that. Anyways, I really like her and I'm thinking about asking her to prom now. But was she hinting to me to ask her before?
Should I ask her?


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  • short sides , longer hair on top and nice hair style , also grow stuble or a ligt beard (make it neat and clean ) , wear something fitting and stylish and you tak to her with confidence , and you should be able to do it.


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