What characteristic (s) of a potential significant other would make you not choose them? what characteristics would make you choose them?


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  • I would not date a girl who was on the wrong side of the law, even if she hang ever been caught.

    I wouldn't date a girl who was a flirt/back stabber

    I would LOVE a girl who was not afraid to say that she was interested in me, and a girl who doesn't try to hide me from her family

    I also like a girl who is a driver and takes it seriously. I can't stand the ones who think it is all play and proceed to "play" with their 2 ton steel "toys"... off the soapbox now


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  • What would make me not choose them: Self-pitying, antagonistic, super shy
    What would make me pick him: Confident, self aware, giving.


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  • things that make me not wanna choose them:
    -drug problems
    -if they were a criminal
    -if they're genuinely rude to me
    -if they can't stay loyal to one guy
    Things that would make me choose someone:
    -if they were happy to see me most of the time
    -if they were nice to people other than just me
    -if they smelled nice (lol)
    -if they shared interests with me/could relate with me
    -if there was a main thing that we both love doing (ex: a sport or activity)

  • Hard to explain!!. Sorry.

  • Not choose them?
    Cock tease, attention seeking, immature, thinks she is better than men, wants to be put on a pedestal.

    Choose them?
    Honest, kind, outgoing, doesn't look down on me


What Girls Said 1

  • hmm... if he like super funny and I blend in with him well and on our own.


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