Have you ever fuck up with someone and you wanted to make it up to them and try to be with them?

relationship wise have you mess up with a good person and you realize that and if you had the chance to be with them years later would you take that chance or not?
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  • Yep... And I can't imagine that many people who have been in relationships haven't.

    What did I do? During a fairly run of the mill argument, I got huffy and deffensive because I thought she was building up to dump me, and I didn't agree with some of the things she said... resulting in being dumped. Immediatly realised what I had done and tried to talk to her but she blocked me. After a few days she suddenly called and said she wanted to speak to me right then...
    One car crash later (trying to get up to visit her at 11:30pm in early January on icy mountain roads was a mistake) and I gave up hope. Two weeks later we were back together.. but then she was frankly looking for the relationship to fail. Over a few months she got more and more distant, and anything I did even slightly wrong resulted in either no reaction (save a disinterested sigh) or an immediate explosion, with no obvious corelation to the suverity of the event. Eventually we broke up properly and are still friends.
    In essence what I am saying is: Trust is fragile. Once you sufficiently damage it (or damage it in specific weak points which vary from person to person), its very very hard to repair it.


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  • I broke up with my boyfriend in February and I wish I wouldn't have now and lately I've been thinking about him a lot and wishing we could be together again.


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