Was a right to break off contact with this girl who had been causing a lot of problems?

i haven't heard anything from her in over 2 months , she had been around during the summer and seen her regulary as she lived near me and went to same hang outs at night. but things went really sour with her and she got upset that i had an interest in this other girl that she knew and i had tried to be friends with them both but things didn't seem to work out. there were some really weird bar nights this summer and by the end i had enough of her and haven't made any effort to stay in touch with her and broken off all contact , i haven't really missed her at all either , it just seems like such a harsh way to have to deal with things to break off all contact


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  • Nope. You have no interest in maintaining a friendship or relationship with her, so don't present the illusion that you do. It's better to be clear than to be polite.


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