Have you posted a photo with a date?

Went on a first outing with my crush (former work colleague) this weekend. This was our first outing outside of work.

It wasn't labeled a date but it felt like one. We spent 6 hours together and did a few different activities. He treated me for each.

During our outing he took a couple of selfies with the 2 of us. One silly, one normal. He posted the silly one on Facebook during the date.

Have you posted a pic with your date on social media (prior to being in a boyfriend/girlfriend)?

This pic "outed" us publicly as hanging out.


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  • I haven't, not even a boyfriend unless it was a couple months into the relationship. It's just the way i am though.

    • I am private / not private. I tag friends in outings and the like. But I was surprised he was ready to tag since it was our first time out!

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