Ladies how would you feel if a guy chose another girl over you?

You and this guy don't know each other really well but he wants to try getting to know you. Meanwhile his ex has been trying to get back with him for the last four years. The minute you try to date him, she swoops in and takes him, and he decides that because he knows her better and doesn't know you all that well, he choses her over you. How would you feel and who would you be more mad at?


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  • I would feel like i dodged a bullet and maybe they were made for one another.. No reason to be sad if my feelings werent involved yet so it would be easy for me to just move on.. I would be upset some what but not to the point where it takes me out of character.. But more so to where i say to him.. Im so glad i didn't allow you to waste my time.

    • How can I stop. Being so sad and angry

    • Time really.. you know you can't really stop it.. There are going to be times where you're really missing him.. And than after that.. Is when you really are over it

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  • I would be pissed off my mind bc this guy made me waste my time.

    • Would you feel vengeful and hateful and hate her also

    • yeah I would be! But more the guy!

  • I will be hurt at first.

    But over time I will get over it.

  • well depends on how much the guy meant to me

    • You have liked him for an entire year

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    • Can I private message you about this

    • ya absolutly

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