Girls, Have you ever been in this situation?

ThE SiTuATioN : Basically you are waiting or chilling in a public place like a shopping mall OR waiting to catch the bus.

At that point, you see 4 "Hot" guys who are from 4 different races at the same time.

Who would you check out and make eye-contact with in such a situation. How would you react or handle the situation?


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  • Either the one I'm most attracted to or the one who makes eye contact with me first.
    ... Or maybe I wouldn't even care at all.

    • How would you know who you are most attracted to when all 4 guys are "Hot" ?

    • Looks aren't the only thing that defines attractiveness. I could like how one of them looks at me or maybe even the way he carries himself like how he walks or talks.

    • Nice. If say , 2 guys looked a bit more outgoing/relaxed and other 2 guys looked quiet/shy , who would you find attractive?

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  • I would go for the guy whose eyes fell on mine at the same time mine fell on his its a sign of a close bond

    • Would you make eye-contact with all 4 guys at first?

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    • sorry. If you meet a group of random guys for the first time and strike up a conversation first. Why would you initiate conversation with all of the guys first but avoid a conversation with one of the guys first?

    • I would never do that? :)

  • The one that seems more approachable

    • What if all 4 were approachable?

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    • It depends on lots of things race isn't that important to me

    • so is it possible in this situation, that you would personally prefer a Latino/Asian guy over a white/black, depending upon the Asian/Latino individual?

  • nothing because i wouldn't care.

  • Depends on who i liked the most...

    • How would you decide that, if all 4 of them are "Hot" ?

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    • I don't know, like nice hair, blue eyes, strong jaw etc etc...

    • Say one guy is White, the second is Asian, the third is Latino and the fourth is Black. All are "Hot" and approachable.

      How would you check out?

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