My boyfriend wants me to date his other girlfriend. Help?

So I'm in a poly relationship. I've been dating my first boyfriend for several monthes now. I recently started seeing another guy. We decided to enter a commited relationship. He was already in a commited relationship with his girlfriend. I get along great with his girlfriend and hope we can cotinue to get along so well, however my boyfriend says everything feels so natural and right. He wants me to date his girlfriend. I like to keep it as an open possiblity for the future. Everytime he brings it up I feel more and more strain between her and me. These kind of relationships take a lot of trust and communtication. I just don't want his ideas to get in the way of this bond I have with her. I'm not sure whether I should ask him to stop talking about it, or maybe ask her what her expectations are between her and I. Any ideas?


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  • Speak to her, and see how she feels. If the subject is causing strain then without talking it out the whole thing crumbles.


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  • Drop the guy, he's an idiot he wants license to go out with others. He's crazy he's immature and actually stupid. I have nothing more to say about this other than you are need to acquire your own sense of what you like and what you don't like and that means becoming your own person and not letting some ass hole guy tell you what to do

  • My boyfriend wants me to date his other girlfriend. Help?
    Why help? Just no! he wants to date his girlfriend shouldn't that make u want to leave him?


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