Minor issue with the girl I am dating?

Well, early days for us.. But she had sex with her best friend ( male ) a while back even though it didn't work (before I knew her).
I can't help thinking of the two of them together, maybe it's me being childish, but it is stuck in my head and I can't help it, even though neither of them did anything wrong...
Is it legitimate to back off completely for this reason?
It gives me anxiety..
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  • I mean if you aren't into it you don't need an excuse to leave but I don't think it's a big deal. I voted give it a little more time.


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  • I think it depends on whether they're still friends, and on how close they are as friends. If they're still best friends and they do all kinds of things together, that's a red flag. It sends the wrong message for her to be with you and still do things alone with a guy she was once intimate with. If it causes anxiety for you now, it's not going to get any better with time. I'm sure she wouldn't want you hanging out with a girl you were intimate with, so why should you tolerate the same from her?


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  • give it a little more time


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