Girls, Do you think it depends on the Individual?

So all you have personal preferences when it comes to who you are attracted to.

For example, you would personally be MOST attracted to : Race X.

you would personally be LEAST attracted to : Race Z.

Depending upon an Individual, is it possible that a guy from Race Z has been more attractive than a guy from Race X?

Has it happened to you personally?


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  • Yes i do think it depends on the person.

    • Have you personally had this situation happen to you?

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    • so which races of guys are you mostly attracted to?

    • I don't knoe how to spell out all of the name... LOOK I like all guys of all races. Its not the race that i care about...

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  • The fourth race is the answer. Is the track is dry. I believe that you are someone I would never want to go out with. You are looking for reasons to go out with somebody and using race as a discriminatory factor. Go out who you want to go out with but don't go out at all but the one thing you absolutely need and what you don't have is the ability to be your own person. You will shoot back at me, "I'm just asking, why are you picking on me I'm a great person and I and this and that and blind blind block." I'm telling you that there was a reason for everything and you can't make up your own mind and want someone else to provide your moral compass

    • I agree with your opinion. Has the above situation, personally happened to you?

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    • I have never been attracted to a shy quiet guy that I never spoke to without going up to him and starting a conversation. I'm very bold but not because I'm an extrovert but because I don't believe in sitting back and allowing life to pass me by. What's the worst the guy can say? No?

    • Superb mentality. If you initiate conversation with a group of random guys in the first place, why would you avoid talking to one guy in the group?

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