Asking a Woman Out While I am Working?

A gal who I've seen three different nights at my work has displayed major flirting and indicators of interest (ex. touching my body and face) with me. My flirting is hardcore back to her and we both have a good time when we small talk. It's my second week working the hospitality industry that's very laid back with chill supervisors. Also, most of our customers are consuming alcohol so my radar could be off due to that factor.

I am plagued from ask her out on a date by serving other customers when we're small talking or she has a date/guy friend with her the most recent time. Any suggestions on how to approach when the dudes are with her. My thought is just to straight up ask if that's her boyfriend (My boss won't care) and go for the date/number close. Any thoughts?


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  • i have a rule that has fought with my desires before. and I am sure you are well aware of but do not want to admit it.
    never mix business with pleasure. after work is a whole other situation but in the work place is bad for business. it reflects bad on the company and your position as customer services.
    Customer services does NOT in-tale that! lol
    your bosses may not care now, because it has not yet brought a negative light to the surface. but if it did you may be surprised by the outcome.
    be professional. if this girl flirts the way you say and is into you she will make the moves needed to extend it outside of the business hours.

    BTW: I'm also MN


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