Why hasn't he asked me out again, and it's been a whole week since our first date?

So I met this guy online. We had a great date. He texted me immediately after that date and said it was nice. The next day he even texted me saying that he would love to hang out with me again. We have been texting each other daily (he initiated all of them) but still, he hasn't asked me out yet and it's been a whole week!!
Does this mean he's not interested in me? Or like he's trying to string me along?
What should I do? I really quite like this guy. Help!!


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  • I think since he initiated all of your previous texts and he hasn't disappeared on you that you should ask him out for the second date. Since you like him so much, it's only logical you should show him that you actually care and want to see him again! :)

  • You are impatient. You're wrapped up in your emotions and you want to see him again and you wanted fast. You'd be a terrible big sister in a sorority. Everything in life needs to be taken with calm, unless you are being chased by a tiger.. Give this guy some time as there are a number of reasons why he is not ready to ask you out including being broke. He's texting you all the time every day – he's interested I guarantee


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