What happends if she says no?

Soo.. until now no girl said no and i was always sure she liked me too when i told her that i like her. But now i got kinda mixed feelings by her & wanna know, what happens when i tell her i like her and she doesn't like me? (Maybe in a situation where we sit and talk)


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  • If she says no it's obviously going to hurt and be a blow to your ego, but it's not the end of the world. There's always a chance that she might not like you back and that you're interpreting her signals incorrectly. However, there's still a chance that she could like you back. Like I said, if she says no then it might sting a bit but there are plenty of other girls out there who won't reject you. You could even stay friends with her afterward if you don't mind the awkwardness. Good luck & I hope it goes well!


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