Girl asked me to text her but doesn't show much interest?

I met this girl at a friend's party yesterday. She approached me, spent a lot of time talking to me, gave me a hug, then voluntarily offered her number and asked me to text her the next day. I said I'll give her my number and she can text me. She goes she's bad at making decisions.
So today after 2 texts, she responds. Then I started texting, asking her questions. She replies a few hours later, but with one liners and doesn't ask any questions in return. I asked her questions 3 times and she hasn't asked me a single question. The last one was what she's got planned for tomorrow. She said "nothing". I was going to ask her out, but I think that was the last straw and have decided to ignore her.
What do you think?


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  • Give her time, maybe she's having trouble at home, maybe she regretted giving you her number. Be that as it may, if you give her time you'll figure it out.


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  • Yes, ignore her. She probably wasn't thinking straight at the party (maybe she was drinking) when she gave you her number. If she was really interested in you, she would be responding within minutes and not waiting to receive 2 or 3 texts first.


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